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AI and IoT Assisted

Emergency TeleHealth & Telemedicine Monitoring Solution

AI and IoT Assisted

Emergency TeleHealth & Telemedicine Monitoring Solution

Healthcare Blockchain

AI Assisted

Automatic Vehicle Monitoring System
based on IoT Cloud Service.

AI Assisted

Automated Ambulance Tracking and Emergency Dispatch System

AI Assisted

Low Power Health and Road Safety Real time GPS Tracker for Android Devices

AI Assisted

Inter-city Digital Trucking on Cloud

AI Assisted

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Data Analysis

About TracMinds

TracMinds is a software R&D startup bringing innovative ideas and business models with robust technological solutions. TracMinds R&D performs market and technology research, create prototypes, build an MVP, and product to market. We visualize future products & build them looking at future needs or problems or required changes in the current market. The idea needs to translate into a concept that can be clearly communicated to the market and addresses a targeted market niche.

TracMinds is focussing Research & Development (R&D) more on Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet of Things(IoT), Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Cyber Security, BigData, Augmented Reality, Brain-Computer Interface(BCI), Neuralink and Robotics.

TracMinds specialize in demanding Research & Development (R&D) for BioMedical Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Digital Healthcare, Telemedicine, EMS, Home Assistant, Supply Chain & Logistics, Transportation and Digital Learning Environment. Research and Development in the Earth Observation Field.

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Ongoing Research Projects

SCMTRACMIND Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Supply Chain and Logistics: Process Automation Technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) workers, it goes beyond physical systems and provides the glue that when looked at from a supply chain perspective integrates multiple systems dedicated to order taking and fulfillment. Just set up some rules and bots will handle everything for you without human intervention, only exceptions will be allocated to an actual person. Suppliers, Customers, and Carriers can speak to your chatbot instead of you. Ask your bot to find a list of suitable suppliers for you. Let your bot go and research the market and shortlist suitable suppliers for you. Chatbot for querying the analysis in natural language for reporting.

End to End Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Robotic automated Supply Chain and Logistics system . Automating warehouse to pick the order item and send it for shipment for faster shipping and faster processing of orders, detailed tracking of orders, reduce man power and errors. Automating vehicle dispatching and monitoring system for faster delivery process and to reduce last mile delivery errors.Automating the inventory process by retrieving goods and then returning items back to their proper storage locations.


TPSTRACMIND Cybersecurity of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Implementations, Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered Advanced Threat Detection & Prevention Solution.Improved threat detection capabilities are top of mind for mature security operations and are also changing security solution architecture. Prevention alone is no longer enough, and organizations need to assume attacks are already occurring inside their environment. Security analysts require improved skills and training to leverage advanced detection tools, threat intelligence, and historical data.

we take a different approach to security, rather than alert you once an incident has occurred we provide solutions that constantly analyse your estate from the network through to your applications. Based on complex trend analysis a threat can be anticipated and stopped in its tracks.

DHSTRACMIND is a Digital Healthcare Solution, it's saving the human effort, time and rushes in hospitals. What the application does is basically to implement Hospital Guides using indoor mapping based on Augmented Reality, Recommender Systems and Chatbots using Machine Learning and AI for patients in search of appropriate healthcare measures, a Decentralized transaction system using Blockchains for carrying out hospital transactions and maintaining Patient records with the high level of security. BioBERT, a language representation model for the biomedical domain, specially designed for biomedical text mining tasks such as biomedical named entity recognition, relation extraction, question answering, etc. AI medical assistants built on top of BioBERT and BioNLP and unique AI-generated advice to address your medical concerns. Remote Patient Monitoring Through GPS Integrated Internet of Things.

EMSTRACMIND is an intelligent advanced patient mobility response and end-to-end emergency dispatch system having advanced from photographic X-rays in radiology to multiple slice scanning, robot-assisted surgeries, non-invasive procedures the health care domain has advanced tremendously. And rightly so as nothing is more precious than an organism's life, to top it all the human life. This most intelligent species has conquered challenges beyond the earth however we are still stuck with a rudimentary, dogmatic emergency response system having read reports & handled the Patient transportation systems, This team set out to put the best technologies for use of mankind. Putting the best of telematics technologies, leveraging the IoT and AI we are set to build a path-breaking service for Ambulatory services globally. Putting a robust architecture this cloud-based platform has addressed the role of each stakeholder within the ecosystem whilst catering to the individual roles specific & atypical needs not comprehended by others. From a multi-input interface to dissimulation, minimal human interaction, this system goes beyond the vanilla Ambulance calling and patient transportation systems. The user can opt for any media, legacy telephony, mobile telephony, web interface or the user app. He could be a registered user or even a distressed looking for help caller.

HMATRACMIND is an AI and IoT Assisted Healthcare monitoring, Medical notification and Assistance systems focussing more on AI and IoT based Emergency TeleHealth & Telemedicine Monitoring, AI-Assisted anxiety management system, that supports people in reducing anxiety due to loneliness. AI Assisted medication monitoring system to addresses the issue of complications due to missing or overdose usage of medications. AI based patient information system to support mental health care, it is a medical information system that maintains information about patients suffering from mental health problems and notification system that alerts when a certain medical treatment is needed for patients.HMATRACMIND's AI Monitors blood sugar and how much insulin a patient needs for a given set of time. Remote Patient Monitoring Through GPS Integrated Internet of Things.

THSTRACMIND is an AI and IoT Assisted TeleHealth & Telemedicine Services systems that will provide complementary measures to establish a comprehensive and seamless healthcare delivery system that expands your access to high-quality health care, saving you time and money. An ambulance-to-hospital based TeleHealth & Telemedicine system is the best example of how mobile technology can help save lives, by providing real-time patient information to the hospital, enabling remote diagnoses and patient monitoring, Real-time physician, primary care, Mobile EMS services, and teletrauma care and, and reducing rescue response time using AI and IoT technology. The vehicle GPS system ensures unmatched precision in dispatching and routing, allowing hospitals to reroute vehicles and reduce response time.

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